Fresh Mushrooms: Shiitake

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    Flavor and Texture: Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), native to East Asia, is one of the most widely consumed mushrooms. Its savory, rich flavor, meat-like texture, and dish versatility make it a favorite in kitchens across the globe. While Shiitake can be enjoyed raw, cooking them unlocks nutrients from inside its strong cell walls, not to mention releasing its smokey, buttery flavor profile. We love shiitakes sautéed in sesame oil and soy sauce. This preparation seems to yield their most potent flavor. Add a splash of lime juice and serve a tasty side dish or steak topper. Make sure to sauté them on medium heat, stirring frequently, for at least 10 minutes. This will evaporate the mushroom's excess water, rendering their best velvety texture and robust flavor. Shiitakes work beautifully in stir fry, soups, stews, and pastas too!

    Benefits: Shiitake is a low-calorie source of fiber, vitamin B, riboflavin, niacin, similar amino acids as meat. Some studies have shown the terpenoids, polysaccharides, sterols, and lipids found in shiitake can aid in boosting the immune system and lowering cholesterol levels. Like so many other fungi that may be conducive to our overall health, most of the studies we refer to have taken place on animals. More human studies are needed.

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    If refrigerated and stored in a paper bag, allowing for proper airflow, Shiitakes can keep for about a week. The produce drawer will restrict access to fresh air, so be sure to place them in the fridge’s main compartment. Most preparation methods will not soften the thick, woody stems, so they should be sliced off beforehand. Shiitake stems can be used in soups or roasts, anything you’ll cook low and slow to soften and extract their flavor. They make an excellent addition to vegetable broths, infusing it with their rich, umami flavor. If you prefer, place them in a colander and rinse with low water pressure, gently and quickly, so as not to waterlog your delicious mushrooms! Pat dry and you're ready to cook.