Fresh Mushrooms: Pink Oyster

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    Flavor and Texture: Pink Oysters (Pleurotus Djamor) are another seasonal mushroom for us growing in the summertime. The Pink Oyster is known for its vibrant pink color and having a flavor similar to ham or bacon that intensifies when cooked. They have a meaty texture as well with a chewy note similar to all oyster mushrooms. When cooked, the oyster will lose that beautiful pink hue but it keeps that delicious flavor. The Pink Oysters have the shortest shelf life of all mushrooms that are grown here. They generally last 1-3 days past harvest date depending on storage conditions. We love to add these delicate mushrooms to any egg dish we are preparing and they also go well in pastas to give that bacon-like flavor. 

    Benefits: The Pink Oyster falls in line with the other oyster varieties. They contain Antioxidants which can help with free radical damage. They are also a great low-carb source of Protein, Fiber, Calcium, and Magnesium. 

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