Our mission is to get more mushrooms in your kitchen! 

Mushrooms are a healthy, delicious, and sustainable food source. They offer an abundance of vitamins and minerals, remarkably eco-friendly cultivation, and a wide range of flavors and textures. Some have rich umami flavors while others boasting a delicate sweetness or light earthy notes— all low calorie, all highly nutritious. There's a mushroom out there for everyone, and ensuring mushrooms become a dining staple in our communities is our top priority.

The Mane Mushroom is a farm in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We started growing mushrooms for personal consumption and after a few great dinners, we thought everyone in our area should have access to higher quality, gourmet mushrooms. Our mushrooms are cultivated indoors in a clean, temperature controlled facility. This allows us to give our mushrooms everything they need to grow into a beautiful fungi that is sure to impress at your next meal. We are Certified South Carolina Grown as well as being HGAP certified.